Things You Need to Know About Bitcoin

The bitcoin currency has been an ongoing subject for major investors and financial entities as its value hit a new all-time high on Sunday, standing at $6,306 before settling down to about $6,170 at the time of announcement on Monday morning.

The virtual banking currency of the internet has existed for several years now, but as the market progress, people are starting to jump to the bandwagon of acquiring and trading it. Many have been hesitant to start as they would first like to know more information about bitcoin. To shine light on the subject, here are the 5 W’s and 1 H for bitcoin:


Bitcoins are being constantly processed by ‘miners’, who then record transaction as part of competing in a type of race to ‘complete the current block’ in order to gain bitcoins.


Bitcoins are a form of digital public money, otherwise known as ‘cryptocurrency’. They are created by difficult mathematical computations and governed by millions by computer users known as ‘miners’. In essence, bitcoins are electricity converted into strings of code that contain money value.


One of the platforms that can be used is Coinbase, a popular wallet and exchange service. The company will also trade US dollars and euros for the cryptocurrency and possess a web and various mobile apps.

Another way is using Circle, which offers users worldwide, transfer or storage as well as receiving bitcoins. Those who are interested in building their bitcoin wealth can also use wallet and bitcoin debt card provider Xapo, who offers deposits in fiat currency that can be converted into bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency stirs interest in the public


The bitcoin industry is like any market where things aren’t consistent. Throughout its history, generally, bitcoin has been generally increasing in value with fast progress and its stabilized position was after a slow, steady downfall.

This cryptocurrency is global and isn’t influenced by any single’s country economic stability or financial standing.


Recently, investors and entrepreneurs have joined the growing number of the usual Bitcoin boosters, who see it and other digital currencies as a real asset class such as, bonds, stocks, or commodities.

bitcoins are scarce and useful as well, in fact, there are only 21 million of them that will ever come into the world. Those familiar with the industry, the number created in through the mining process decreases by half every few years.


Bitcoins are efficient virtual coins in all its entity, designed to be ‘self-contained’ for their value, without the hassle for banks to move and put the money in storage. They act like physical gold coins as they possess value and could be traded as such.

They could be used in online transactions to purchase goods and services. However, they can also be stored and see if their value would increase over the years. One can gain bitcoins through trading from one personal ‘wallet’, a small personal database that can be stored on your computer drive, to another. A wallet can also be stored on your smartphone, tablet, or somewhere in the cloud.

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