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Socially Responsible Investments for Young Investors

The Range of Millennial these times tend to be more aware of the rising need to prepare for their future with more ways than just the simple deposits. Many of them want to dip their shoes in the investment world, but the thought of stocks and funds intimidates most and forms the idea of additional expenses.

While there are some things to consider before investing, the earlier you start, the more time you’ll have on your side to build your stand in understanding that world. One kind of investment to consider by a millennial is Socially Responsible Investment.

The nature of investing is considered socially responsible due to the nature of the business the company presents. Socially Responsible Investments includes seeking out companies that avoid the production or selling of addictive substances, rather institutions that engage in eco-friendly sustainability and moral-oriented efforts.

One way to approach investment would be to be involved in mutual funds. A mutual fund is a type of investment medium that makes up a pool of moneys accessed from many different investors for the purpose of investing in securities and assets such as stocks, money market, bonds, and instruments. This fact may be easier for a millennial to wrap-around the idea on if the mutual funds carry out the advocacies they support.

There is a process called ‘negative screening’ where it excludes certain types of companies and can allow you to save the time and effort of investors toward having to research individual companies.

To give further insight on how a young investor should start investing, here are 3 tips for a successful investment:

Start Early and Create an Investment Routine

Young Investors SIR Tips

It is virtually impossible to determine the years wherein the world of investments will be good, an early start will give investments more time to grow, rather than if you were to start late.

Consider investing regularly especially cash, as this, and diversifying one’s portfolio, will spread the risk over multiple years and stocks respectively.

Money in Favor of You

Building large amounts of wealth means making your money grow in your favor. If you have a certain amount of money and all you do is keep it, it will just retain its original value. On the other hand, investing it in the stock market, it can grow depending on the average of its up and down.

Essence of Time

Consider planning the time before you start investing. The length of how long you plan to hold an investment to when you need to cash out the money. Estimate it if your goal is for short-term or otherwise before you jump head-first into it.


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