Know the Ways to Diversify Your Portfolio


It is often usual to hear investment advisors telling clients to keep a diversified portfolio. A diversified portfolio (also known as portfolio diversification) is investing in different classes of assets and securities (i.e. stocks, bonds, commodities, etc.) as a way of avoiding damage or risk due to poor performance of a single security, industry, and the others.


Portfolio diversification is an established strategy that is developed to moderate potential losses in the market. It is indeed a battle cry for a number of financial advisors and individual investors. Learn in this article why a diversified portfolio is important in any market condition and how to diversify yours.


  1. Distribute and scatter your wealth.


This just simply means that it is not advisable to put all your investment in one sector or in a single stock. Invest in several companies that you know is worth investing your money.


  1. Consider bond index funds.


Bond index funds are the most basic and economical way to invest in bonds. It is a kind of fund that invests in a portfolio of bonds. An average investor can easily understand how bond index funds work. It is the most convenient option for those going after investment income.


Instead of actively managing your funds, this one simply holds the securities intact together and when the index’ composition changes, the holdings in the fund follows. Investing in bond index funds is a great way to diversify your portfolio in a long-term span. In addition, bond index funds are fixed-income solutions to guard your portfolio counter to market volatility and uncertainty.


  1. Keep on investing and building your portfolio.


Make it a habit to regularly add to your investments. Market volatility is best fought when you invest your money in a diverse portfolio of stocks or funds.

However, adding and adding companies on your portfolio does not guarantee you profits. You have to carefully choose your stocks. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of a stock before you pick it.


Allot enough time to make your research and focus your money and time on stocks that you think can boost your wealth.



  1. Be sure to manage your wide range of assets well.


Having a big and diverse portfolio is not the bottom line. It is generally alright to keep a wide range of assets and to invest in a large number of securities, but you got to be sure that you can keep on managing each well. Stay current with your investments. Moreover, remain in tune with the market condition. You have to know what is happening to the companies you have invested your money in.


The IBD Chairman and Founder, William O’Neil, even expressed that “the more stocks you own, the harder it is to keep track of all of them.” He further added that, “broad diversification is plainly and simply often a hedge for ignorance.”



Investing should be a fun endeavor. It is important to maintain a disciplined approach when you are trying to diversify your portfolio. As the old adage goes, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Maintaining a diverse portfolio is essential to regulate the risks. A good asset mix is vital to earning solid and stable returns.


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