Best Ways to Invest in Dividend Stocks

Dividend stocks represent the perfect balance in an investment. These stocks provide reliable, regular income to their shareholders, making it possible to draw income from a portfolio.

Yet the best dividend stocks also have underlying businesses that have continued earnings growth prospects, allowing for the potential for share price appreciation and long-term gains. There are some strategies that help dividend investors take full advantage of companies paying regular dividends, helping them find out the right way to get more income from their portfolios as well.

Investing in dividend stocks with above-average yields

For many dividend investors, the primary goal is getting the most out of current income. To do so, you can simply look at lists of stocks ordered by dividend yield and then pick the highest-yielding stocks available. That will result in the most cash flow coming from your portfolio, at least in the short run.

The problem with carelessly picking high-yield dividend stocks is that they can be extremely dangerous. For instance, if a company regularly pays out more in dividends than it brings in through earnings, then the sustainability of the dividend for the future can come into question. Many high-yield stocks eventually have to cut their dividends, resulting in both a loss of income for shareholders and dramatic declines in the share price of the stock.

Investing in dividend stocks with long track records of dividend growth

Many dividend investors don’t just focus on current income, either because they don’t immediately need the income or because they want to focus on the long-term growth of their income stream over time.

For these investors, an alternative to high-yield dividend investing involves looking at the dividend histories of companies to look for the most attractive growth trends. You can always find lists of stocks that have particularly excelled at dividend growth.

Investing in dividend ETFs

Finally, if you don’t want to pick individual stocks, you can find exchange-traded funds that specialize in dividend stocks. In choosing a dividend ETF, you’ll want to focus on several things. First, low fees will guarantee that more of your dividend income flows through to you as a shareholder.

Understanding the methodology of the ETF is essential so that you know what kind of exposure you’re getting, including how various holdings are subjective within the portfolio and what conditions must be met for the fund to hold a certain stock.

Best Ways to Invest in Dividend Stocks 2


Investing in dividend stocks can help give you the best of both worlds. Which of these strategies best for you will depend on your particular appetite for risk and the amount of time you want to spend looking at potential investments.

By increasing your income and offering solid total returns, any of these three dividend strategies could give your portfolio a valuable boost.

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